December 27, 2003

My website under investigation...


I recognised that my website was chosen for a University project done by the "Ludwig-Uhland-Institut für Empirische Kulturwissenschaft" at University of Tuebingen in Germany.
A bunch of students investigated a couple of websites where webcam video plug-in's were installed by the website owner, just the way I am doing it here on

The report is written only in German, however it is quite funny/interesting what the examiner did find out. Here are extract page where my pages has been quoted:

- Extract 1
- Extract 2

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December 24, 2003

Merry X-Mas!

My friends from all over the world, Dear diary reader,

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your support and for the bunch of unforgotten moments I had this year.
This year was for sure a real exciting year for me. Having had the opportunity traveling around the world was a great experience for me.
I met many new friends during my stay in China and England. Nevertheless I will not forget all my friends at home who were always reachable during my time off from home.
I am currently very happy to be back at home again and to have the possibility to spend some time with you all the next days.
Additionally I want to thank all kind website visitors who spent some time reading all the confused diary entries.

The forthcoming year will be challenging again. After returning back to London for two months in January, I will be travelling to Milan. Beyond this, it is not quite sure at the moment where I will be staying next summer. I am not sure whether or not I will move to Mexico or not. Things will hopefully be clarified early in January.

All thing considered, it won't make much difference since I know I may count on my friends at home and abroad.

Thank you.

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December 23, 2003

News from Milan

Yesterday I received an e-mail from my Dean at University that together with two other student fellows, we have been accepted to pursue a study term abroad at Italy's most renowned business school, the Bocconi University.

I am really happy about getting this kind of opportunity although this will mean a lot to study when living in Milan beginning from next March.

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Back in Germany

After having finished my final exams and a short visit of a friend of mine to London, I am now back in Germany where I will stay to relax and meet all my buddies.

Here it has been snowing for almost two days and it therefore looks like that we will have "white christmas" this year.

I'd like to use this opportunity to wish every keen reader of my diary a wonderful Merry Christmas...

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December 16, 2003

2/3 of Final Exams are over...

Puh, yesterday two exams, today two exams....I am crushed, but there are still two exams left tomorrow. This means one last night with little sleep.

Anyway, tomorrow at this time everything is over and hopefully I will have passed all the exams.

to be continued....

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December 13, 2003

Close to Final Exams...

Hmmm, the weekend is almost over and the Final Exams are going to begin....uahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I am not motivated at all to study all this bulls.... hmpf! At least I already received the keys for my new room in the flat nearby, where I will stay from January onwards.

By the way, I do not think I will have much time to add some entries into my diary the next week. So don't wonder if nothing happens....I am still alive! :-)

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December 10, 2003

Have to move the flat!

Arg....after a couple of debates with my landlord, I will leave my current accomodation at the end of December.

Hence, I will live in another place nearby (a very! small room compared to my current one) during my internship period here in London in January and February.

The story behind it:

My landlord told me a couple of weeks ago, that another person will move in my current room on 1st February next year although I wanted to stay there until the end of February myself.

Since I could not convince her to propose the moving-in of that person, I decided to change my flat when moving back to Germany for Christmas. It is more likely to find another accomodation in London! rather for two then for one month if deciding to leave the apartment on the end of january.

After my search for another flat has successfully finished, I will move in another place nearby. Nothing special, pretty small, but cheaper than my current rent.

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December 08, 2003

Business project presentation - done!

Oh man, now it's going to be a really good day! It's done - we in our business project group just gave our presentation and although some of us were quite excited in advance, we did a very good job.
The jury in fact did like it, which we strongly appreciated.

Now I am feeling a little bit empty.... I have one week off until the final exams are going to take place next week. I'll enjoy the time off although it's freezing cold here in London right now.....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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December 07, 2003

Lunch with my English class

Last week, a bunch of students from the visiting students' programme here in London had lunch together with my English lecturer. We enjoyed our lunch and ate delicious food.

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December 06, 2003

Soon visit from Munich


I just received an email that a friend of mine from Munich is coming over to London on 18 December to spend a couple of days together with me.

Oh that is pretty cool since i will have finished all my exams on 17 December. Hence, we will have three relaxed days here before we will both return to Munich on 21 December. Yeah! This news is better than Xmas!


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December 05, 2003

Last lecture in London

We had our last lecture today. On Monday next week, we will only give a presentation and then we are going to have one week off in order to study for the Final exams the week after.

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December 04, 2003

Another "Sunshine Party" in Shanghai

My friend and former flatmate in Shanghai, Florian, just sent me a publication of another home party at his and my former home in Shanghai.

He and a friend of us, Amelie, celebrated his birthday and her farewell in October. Recently the "Elle" magazine just published a story on house parties in Shanghai and emphasized their party.

It's great to see and recognize them all on the pictures and of course, to see my former home again.

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Strange days...have to leave my flat!

The past days have been a little bit tricky. When I paid the rent for December, my landlord just told me that I have to get out of the room until the end of January.....pitty, I will work in London until the end of February!

Thus I argued with her but I could not find any positive solution. In the end, I decided to leave my current flat in the end of December and will go living in another place in January and February.

Lukily, I already found another room nearby. It is very very small but cheap and ok for my working period since I only have to get a place to sleep nothing exclusive, nothing more. For two months it is therefore acceptable to live in a small hole :)

The semester is almost over. Next Monday, together with my teammates I will have to give a presentation about our project results and then we have one week off to prepare for the final exams coming up in the week of 15th December ... and then it's done! yippie...

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