November 25, 2003

Impressions you only find in China!

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Recent update

The weekend was quite strange. On Saturday we have been out to a "school disco" where all the people weared ties and looked like english school pupils but it was a lot of fun, although i cannot remember everything... yuck! :-)

The past days have been furthermore quite boring, since it was raining all day long - typical British weather.

above all, the semester here in London almost finished. Until this Friday, we have to finish a large project report, and there is still plenty of stuff to do. Hence, I won't get much sleep until Friday evening....

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November 21, 2003

It's Bush-Time in London

Being in London right now, is really weird. Everywhere you look, you will see security guards and closed streets due to the presidential visit of Mr. Bush in London...
Furthermore I had the pleasure to see the Queen and her husband Prince Philippe driving by next to me just when I wanted to cross the street. Obviously it was only a second when I caught them with my eyes, but I could see them very cleary sitting in their heavy-armoured vehicle.

Just another strange moment during my life here in London...

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November 17, 2003

Final exams

Today I received the dates for my Final Exams. Hence on Wednesday, 17th December I will be finishing my semester here in London. Since my return flight is already booked for Sunday, 21st December I will have plenty of time for my friends from Germany who want to come visit London for a couple of it is up to you buddies! :-)


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Pictures from our weekend trip to Oxford


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Pictures from our trip to Lloyds Bank in London

Sorry, I only managed yesterday to prepare the most recent pictures I took the last are the impressions from our university trip to the Lloyds Bank based in "The City" of London:

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November 16, 2003

Weekend trip to Oxford


we just came back from our weekend trip to Oxford, where me met some of our student friends from Munich.
For me being in Oxford the first time ever, it was like being in a fantasy world. Oxford is a small, nice town, surrounded with buildings built in Middle Ages.

Our friends invited us to sleep in their dormitories. Only problem we had - we were six guys who had to sleep in two beds :-)
As a matter of fact, you can image that we haven't had enough time and space to sleep...but nevermind, it was great fun being out of London and to enjoy student nightlife in Oxford.

Unfortunately I am really tired today, but I should finish some assignments anyhow today.

The next days I will try to find another accomodation since I am really fed up to have a single 45 minutes trip from home to the city centre each morning. We will see, if I can find something affordable.

Furthermore, I will upload some pictures from Oxford the next days.

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November 14, 2003


Gosh...I think the last beer yesterday wasn't quite good....together with the french students of my class we have been to a pub called 'Prince Regents' near Baker street where they are offering two pints for 1.50 each, which is definately a great deal.

Afterwards we went all together to our School pub, where a 'Beach Party' took place.....Then, when they closed the pub at 11PM we went to another place called 'Tiger Tiger' which is located near Picadilly Circus...

All things considered, it was a tough evening and it won't stop until tonight or even this weekend, since we are going to visit some student friends from Munich in Oxford.

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November 12, 2003

Back from my weekend in Munich

nothing happened for a quite long time. What's wrong?

Well, first of all my webserver crashed and the whole diary database was lost. All these issues could finally be solved the last days.

Next, I was quite busy the last days, since I spent the last weekend in Munich where I attended the LMU Private Equity conference, a conference edition I co-founded 2 years ago. I took some pictures during the conference day which I will hopefully upload to this diary the next days.

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November 03, 2003

Getting sick!

It's incredible....every time something important is going to take place, I am getting sick.

I hope everything will fine when I fly to Munich this Friday. I am fed of with coughing all the time....damn!

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November 01, 2003

My 100. diary entry, Mid-Term and Halloween

Holy cow! This is my 100. entry in this Diary since I started writing at the end of May this year, just before my trip to Shanghai.

By the way, thanks for all the patient readers, especially when I dropped some stupid lines like these :-)

Though my mid-term exams are all over, finally! I haven't studied a lot but however I suppose I did fine, at least I think I will pass all of them (actually that's all I need to do here in London). Unfortunately this does not mean the workload is over. Damn NO! I have to finish some assignments until next week...grmmmm.

Yesterday was Halloween and I didn't expect the British people to be on that Halloween trip like the Americans...almost everybody on the streets, even grown-ups were masked.
We have been to a huge club yesterday called "Fabric". Like the name, it was a really large fabric hall, over at least three floors and I think there have been at least 5000 people in there dancing to crazy loud music.
The people remembered me a little bit of a place in Munich, called "Backstage" - actually not a place I have pleasure to be. So here in London, quite early I left the place since the music was definitely to heavy and it was too crowded..

I took the last tube and had to get-off at Queen's Park station, actually one station before my planned destination. Well, I had to walk from there and when walking along the dark and shadowed streets, and all at once a black guy was standing in front asking me whether I could help him to push his car parked at second line on the street in order to get it back running.
During that strange moment I just looked over the car and I saw another black male standing next to the car. So in a hurry I just thought ("Hey if you want to have somebody pushing your car, ask your friend!?") was quite scary, so I was impolite and told the guy I wouldn't have time, sorry....oh it was a real weird moment. On the one hand I wanted to help but on the other hand I had too many doubts on what two black males could do with me in a dark street.....anyways in the end, after a twenty minutes walk I was safe back home.

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