October 29, 2003

Mid-Term Exams

Sorry, I do not have much time to write and update my diary, due to my Mid-Term exams taking place this week.
Talk to you as soon I have finished the major work.

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October 26, 2003

Pictures from London II

Here are some more pictures I took during the past weeks:

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October 24, 2003

Concorde's last step

Today after almost 30 years of operation, the famous Concorde plane started its last trip from New York to London before entering the hall of fame of aviation history.

For more information, read this article.

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Weekly Summary

*HEADACHE*....holy, yesterday evening we have been in a pub near our campus with all the French and Spanish students. It was quite nice and after an undifined number of pints, I lurched to a French's student home, where we continued our international party...

...well, I cannot remember all details.... :-) I think it's long time ago that I was so crushed like yesterday evening.
That is why I am not feeling quite well today....

I don't get over this damn internship offer from Mexico. It is still in my head and the more time goes by the more likely it is that I will surprisingly accept it.

Next week, we will have our mid-term exams in university and I really should prepare myself for the tests but today it is impossible for me to concentrate. .....It's really a strange day!

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October 19, 2003

David Blaine's 44th day in a glass box

Incredible, today it's Mr. David Blaine's 44th and last day living in a glass box nearby the river Thames in London. He, a self-called US magician, stayed there during the whole period without eating and drinking.

This stupid guy attracted more than 1 million people during his adventure. For more detail read this extract (German only) on Spiegel.de.

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October 17, 2003

Looking for an internship II

I just received another e-mail from the company. Unfortunately they are not able to provide me with any incentives.

Since I cannot afford another internship abroad without any compensation, I think, unfortunately, I will not accept this offer.

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October 16, 2003

Looking for an internship


today I received an interesting internship offer, but only under one condition...

....I have to learn Spanish until next May! :-)

Well, I received a job offer from an institution based in Mexico City for a Summer Internship next summer. However, proficiency of Spanish language is a must.

They told me, that they would take me if I am doing a language course until next summer before starting my internship....

It's tricky, but as for now, I don't think that I will accept this offer. We will see what the future brings since I have still some other applications on hold.

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October 15, 2003

My room at home

This is how my English room looks like:

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First impressions from London!

Here we go! My first impressions in London! Enjoy...more to be followed...:

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Finally Internet Access through my Laptop


Amazing, today I finally achieved to plug-in my own Laptop into the University network....so back to Internet access!!!! yeah...oh that is feeling so good and smooth...

Hey, and guess what! I will upload my few London pictures right now! ;-)

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October 14, 2003

Pictures from London


I know I know, you finally want to get some impressions from what I am experiencing here in London.

Since I am still not able to plug my own laptop into the university network, it will still take some time until I will be able to upload some pictures.

BUT! I think, until the end of this week you will find some snapshots. I already found out how to upload files on my ftp server by using the webbrowser. The only thing missing, I forgot my ftp login data. Anyways, this is a pretty small problem which should be solved by tomorrow or at least by the end of this week.

So, stay tuned!

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October 09, 2003

Weekend flight to Germany

Oh I forgot to mention, that I will be in Munich in November to attend a Conference which three other students and I founded in 2001. This year will be the third edition. I am looking forward to this event.

Flight details:

LHR - MUC on Friday, 7th November
MUC - LHR on Sunday, 9th November

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Finally weekend

Although today it is only Thursday afternoon, I am now able to enjoy my weekend since I do not have classes tomorrow...

Nothing special happened the past days, unless I had some problems with my laptop. In the end I had to reinstall this damn Windows once again and I ended up with the fact that no other software already installed on my puter was working anymore....arg!
Now I am trying to find some ways to get back access to stuff like word, excel, windvd...etc...it will take me some time (thanks juergen for helping me in this case).

But the good thing about is, that I might be able to get access with my laptop when staying at school from next week on. Then I might be able to plug in my computer to the local network. Then finally I might be able to publish some pictures from London on this website...hopefully!

On Sunday I met an Australian friend whom I got to know when I was in Shanghai this January. We went to the Tate Gallery of Modern Art and afterwards, we have been in some pubs, of course....it was nice as you may guess! :-)

This Internet Cafe here in University will close within the next couple of minutes, so I will drop some more lines the next days....so long, take care!


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October 01, 2003

My new home

Holy....finally I moved to my new home for the upcoming months here in London.

It was a really mess by taking my heavy weighted luggage from my friends' place to my new home (15 minutes walk without carrying anything).

After moved all my stuff to my new home, I got to know one of my new house mates. She is the daughter of my landlord, who is staying right the house next to mine....so I have to be careful with doing home parties or other nice stuff :)

On Saturday, another German student from my German university will move there as well and taking just another room next door.

My room is quite large and almost well-furnished. I have my own TV, but unfortunately I don't have any internet access from home at all. This is going to be a real tough experience...hanging around at home without having internet access. Arg...!

In total, we will living in four in this house. Apart of my landord's daughter and my student friend, there will be another German lawyer living with us. But so far, I haven't met him.

Today after having finished my classes I will clarify some stuff (contract, etc.) with my landlord and hopefully everything will go fine. I don't want to have the same crippy negotation I had when I arrived in Shanghai.

Will have to go to class right now...cu later on

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