October 28, 2004

Getting sick before take-off...

Arg...it seems that just one day before our trip to Spain I am going to get sick....coughing around makes me feel really bad today and I have still plenty things to prepare for my classes....uaaaaah

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October 27, 2004

New website visits record!

Holy cow! For the first time ever, yesterday, 54 persons voluntary visited my webpage...are they crazy or is there truly something interesting in here? ;-))) Thanks anyways.


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October 26, 2004

Shanghai story

Thanks to Krif, here is a link to another Shanghai story published on Spiegel Online (in German only).

Additonally the German student scholarship network e-fellows recently published its new report on China. It's fascinating how the subject "China" becomes increasingly interesting to the public as more and more students consider getting study or work experience in China...well, not a bad choice at all :-)
However, to me, the above-mentioned report does not give a good overview of what to expect from and in China. Well, this is just my personal opinion.

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October 23, 2004

Big Brother is watching you...again

Howdy....after ages I finally reactivated my live webcam transmission. However I don't know how long I am going to be "online" with my webcams as I don't have an internet flatrate anymore (I just have 3GB online traffic per months included in the package I have).

So enjoy?!? watching as long as it works by clicking on the "Webcam" Link on top of my webpage.

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October 21, 2004

Wireless Lan / Access point

Mhhhhhhhhh...today I received the package with the access point I bought using eBay. After few difficulties with the WLan Router I suceeded! This is my very first post I write in here while sitting on my bed using the laptop with WLan in it ;-)

It was really a bargain as it is not just a WLan Access Point but also a 4 port Switch!

Let's hope that nobody out there uses my hotspot to get access to the internet. However I do have a password control function as well as a limited userbase as just specific MAC addresses should be able to use my internet connection.

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"Packstation" by DHL

This new service has been introduced by German's mail provider DHL this summer in few cities around Germany. After a successful introduction period DHL expanded this service to additional cities, eg. Munich.

What is it?! Well, "Packstation" is a useful option to get your post mail packages delivered to you even if you are not at home, 24/7/365.


After registering for this service for free on the packstation webpage, you will get your individiual smart card and all necessary information by postmail.

How does it work? For example, you ...

order few books from amazon and let them be delivered to your closest packstation in town (there are already many stations installed nearby my home). After the package is going to be delivered to the addressed packstation, you will receive an e-mail or SMS on your cellphone. Then you have 9 days to pick up your package, no matter which time or weekday.
You will not encounter any hazzle in the post office or even you don't have to be at home to wait for the mail to be delivered. Thus I find this service extraordinary useful and convenient.

I am currently waiting for a package containing something I bought at eBay. I am curious to see if things work accordingly.

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October 19, 2004


from AVENTURA is a truly great track. I really enjoy listening to this music and in fact it's a good way to prepare myself for my Barcelona trip at the end of next week.

The song's lyrics can be seen by clicking the link below:

Somethin flava... Aventura hello... shh solo escucha
Son las cinco de la mañana y yo no he dormido nada
Pensando en tu belleza en loco voy a parar
El insomnio es mi castigo, tu amor será mi alivio
Y hasta que no seas mía no viviré en paz
Bien conocí tu novio pequeño y no buen moso
Y sé que no te quiere, por su forma de hablar
Además tu no lo amas por que el no da la talla
No sabe complacerte como lo haría yo
Pero tendré paciencia por que el no es competencial
Por eso no hay motivos para yo respetar

No, no es amor lo que tu sientes se llama obsesión
Una ilusión en tu pensamiento
Que te hace hacer cosas
Así funciona el corazón

Bien vestido en mi Lexus pase por tu colegio
Informan que te fuiste, como un loco te fui alcanzar
Te busque y no te encontraba y eso me preocupaba
Para calmar mi ansia yo te quería llamar

Pero no tenia tu numero
Y tu amiga ya me lo negó
Ser bonito mucho me ayudo
Eso me trajo la solución
Yo sé que le gustaba y le di una mirada
Con par de palabritas tu numero me dio
Del celular llamaba y tu no contestabas
Luego te puse un beeper y no había conexión

Mi única esperanza, es que oigas mis palabras
No puedo tengo novio
No me enganches por favor

Noooooo, no es amor
Escúchame por favor
Lo que tu sientes se llama obsesión
Una ilusión
Estoy perdiendo el control
En tu pensamiento
Que te hace hacer cosas
Así funciona el corazón...

Mi amor por Dios no me enganches espérate que hay mas (hablado)

Hice cita pa' el siquiatra a ver si me ayudaba
Pues ya no tengo amigos por solo hablar de ti
Lo que quiero es hablarte para intentar besarte
Será posible que con obsesión uno pueda morir (cantado rápido)
Quizás pienses que soy tonto, privon y también loco
Pero es que en el amor soy muy original
Enamoro como otros, conquisto a mi modo
Amar es mi talento, te voy a enamorar

Disculpa si te ofendo, pero es que soy honesto
Con lujos de detalles escucha mi versión
Pura crema de chocolate, juntarte y devorarte
Llevarte a otro mundo en tu mente corazón
Ven vive una aventura, hagamos mil locuras
Voy hacerte caricias que no se han inventao

No es amor, no es amor
Es una obsesión

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October 18, 2004

Pictures from Plaza66 in Shanghai

More pictures. These shots were taken from 50th floor of the Plaza66 building in NanjingXi Lu in Shanghai:

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Follow-Up Pictures from Shanghai

Remember - my digicam broke during my stay in Asia this summer. However thanks to Miriam, a student fellow of mine who I met during my 2 1/2 weeks trip to Shanghai this summer I could take at least some pics with her digicam.

The pictures illustrated below show the hotel I used to be there - the Shanghai Mayfair Hotel at Zhongshan Park.

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October 17, 2004

Still alive but...

things may change in the near future. However, one issue after the other...Nothing special happened during last week apart from my working student position frustration.
Classes in uni were boring and I still didn't get my motivation back.

However, regarding this weblog I have a special news for all readers. This weblog is kindly hosted by a friend on his personal webserver. For the time being he offered me this opportunity for free (Many Thanks Juergen).
Nevertheless from January next year, he is going to shut down his webserver which further reflects the end of this diary/weblog.
Obviously a sad moment for both author and readers. So enjoy reading the last entries till end of december this year.

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October 12, 2004

Preparing for an interview

Unfortunately, all those months spent abroad did have a negative effect on my bank account balance :-( For this reason I am now trying to find a way to improve my cash reserves.

I sent out few application for a working student position at several companies in Munich yesterday morning and lucky me I was invited to participate in a personal interview today morning.

They are going to discuss a case study with me since I had to prepare myself by having a look on the business model of "mobile.de" in advance. Well, we'll see how it works.

Interview went more than horrible. My interview partners did show me that my financial understanding isn't that good at all. Disappointing, well life goes on anyways...

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October 11, 2004

Claudio in the press?!?!

Haha, have a look what I've found today surfing the web...ridiculous ;-)

Follow the link!

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Spamblock MT-Blacklist

Now it's enough! After deleting once more over 40 spam comments, I put myself together and installed the recent MT-Blacklist.

Now I am curious to see the effect of this measurement....we'll see!

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You've got mail!

Howdy! A former colleague from HK just sent me a few pics he took on my very last day with the company. Well, please don't be surprised. That wasn't my daily dresscode. The casual attitude on the pics was just because on that day I already checked-in my luggage early in the morning.

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October 07, 2004

Spam Alert!

Arg! After recently deleting over 20 spam comments on my weblog, I decided to strictly ban some specific IP adresses.

If by coincidence someone who really wants to add a true comment on this page and who is not able to do so, feel free to contact me through email first.


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October 05, 2004

What's going on?!?

Hmmm, I am sorry for not having written too many new posts in here the past days.... I am feeling just weird these days and I dunno (don't know) for what reason. I feel myself somehow very unmotivated.

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October 04, 2004

Follow-Up: Chinese Auto report

My former employer in HK did finally officially publish the Chinese automotive report I was involved with during my time in HK. An English written press realease may be found by using this link.

A soft copy version of this report (in English) can be downloaded using this link instead. Enjoy it!

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