May 28, 2003

Countdown - 9 days to Asia!


I canīt even believe that I will be back in Asia only in a couple of days. Today I wrote my first two final exams
in university, but there are still 10 exams left until my departure to Asia.

Well I am quite pissed-off at the moment in regards of university issue. I will be very happy when leaving Germany
for a couple of month, just to get back a fresh mindset.

Tonight I will go out at my friend's house since we will kindly celebrate his birthday and watching the
Champions-League final in Manchester with AC Milan and Juventus fighting for the Cup. bet, Juve beats Milan 3-1 :-)

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Jinmao building


...The place/building where I will work in.
Itīs nearly 492 m tall and general information calls this building the third tallest
in the world - right behind the Sears? Tower in Chicago and the Petronas
Twintower in Kuala Lumpur....just amazing!

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Pudong City map - my apartment

you see the red dot....that will be the place of my apartment and right on the right side
of the picture, you will see the skyscraper called "Jinmao" with the darkblue dot on it, ...
thatīs the place where I will work :-) for almost three month

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Got my Visa!

image.jpg I have my visa for entering China.... :-)

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